You will find an introduction and outline of Joshua, here.

Here is a prayer from the Book of Common Worship to use before reading:

Eternal God, your wisdom is greater than our minds can attain, and your truth shows up our learning. To those who study, give curiosity, imagination, and patience enough to wait and work for insight. Help us to doubt with courage, but to hold all our doubts in the larger faith of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

I.  Joshua receives his commission 1:1-18

II. Joshua conquest Canaan 2:1-12:24

III. Joshua Redistributes the land 13:1-21:45

F. 16:1-17:18 Land for the sons of Joseph: 16:1-4 The sons of Joseph are Ephriam and Manasseh. 16:5-10 The land for Ephriam. 17:1-13 Land for Manasseh. The story of Zelophehad’s daughters in verses 3-5 recalls Numbers 27:1-11. 17:14-18 The sons of Joseph want more land but Joshua tells them to go into the forest and clear land for themselves. 

G. 18:1-10 Land survey and lots at Shiloh: The story has relocated from Gilgal to Shiloh. The remaining land is divided by lot.

H. 18:11-28 Land for Benjamin

I. 19:1-51 Land for the remaining tribes:  v1-9 Simeon’s land. v10-16 Land for Zebulun. v 17-23 Issachar’s land. v24-31 Land for Asher. V32-39 Land for Naphtali. v40-48 Land for Dan. In Judges the story of Dan’s migration will be told. v49-51 Joshua also gets a city.

J. 20:1-9 Towns for refuge: See Num 35:9-34 and Deut 19:1-13. The cities of refuge help Israel move from blood feuds as a private way of justice to a more centralized system where evidence will be evaluated.

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