2 John:

Many scholars believe that the author of 1 John also wrote 2 John at about the same time. Some believe that the two letters were sent together with 2 John acting as a “cover letter” and introduction for 1 John. Notice how 2 John echoes 1 John.

Verse 1 the recipient is not named and perhaps then, well known. “Her children” would be members of her church. Notice this reference to a woman church leader.

What is the “truth” the author refers to?  Remember the content of 1 John also.  As in 1 John there is concern over false teaching.  In the ancient world people believed listening to wrong teaching would lead to wrong behaviors/evil deeds.

3 John: This is the only one of the three “John” letters addressed to an individual.  Some scholars think 3 John is a letter of recommendation for the letter carrier.Demetrius is probably the bearer of these letters and possibly a missionary.  This  is a personal letter, addressed to Gaius. The names in the letter are Greco-Roman names, suggesting that gentiles were a part of these Johannine communities. All we know about Gaius is contained in this letter.  Because he has extended hospitality to messengers (v5-6) scholars suspect he was the head of a household.


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