Much of the introductory comments for 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy also apply to Titus. Titus, along with 1 and 2 Timothy comprise what are called the “Pastoral Epistles”. In Titus we have some autobiographical material about Paul. (Assuming Paul wrote Titus, see the introduction to 1 and 2 Timothy). Titus is not mentioned in Acts. but is mentioned in Galatians (2:1-3).

In this letter Paul, or someone writing in Paul’s name, is sending instructions for the  supervision of new churches in Crete. This letter is somewhat similar to 1 Timothy in that it consists mostly of instructions for the community rather than instructions to an individual.

There are three main sections in this letter, Chapter 1- outlines what is necessary for church leaders, in light of the presence of false teaching. Chapter 2- the correct way to approach particular groups in the church. Chapter 3- the life of the church in the world.


I. 1:1-4 Salutation

II. 1:5-3:11 Body of letter

A. 1:5-16 Administration of the church

   1. 1:5-9 Elders

    2. 1:10-16 Rebellious people

B. 2:1-3:8a Proper Behavior

   1. 2:1-10  Instructions for various groups

           2. 2:11-15 Grace and Piety

           3. 3:1-2 Instructions for the church

                  4. 3:3-8a Divine Goodness and Human Effort

C. 3:8b-11 Final Instructions

III. 3:12-15 Conclusion 

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