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You may read an introduction and outline of 2 Timothy here.

A prayer from Gregory of Nazianus [ (329-389) an early Church father] for your use before reading.

Lord, as I read the psalms let me hear you singing. As I read your words, let me hear you speaking. As I reflect on each page, let me see your image. And as I seek to put your precepts into practice, let my heart be filled with joy. Amen.

I. 1:1-2 Salutation: Notice how the author refers to Timothy.

II. 1:3-4:8 Body of Letter: Watch for two themes, suffering for the gospel and preserving the tradition.

A. 1:3-2:13 Exhortations to Timothy:  Exhortations and also reminders, warnings and Paul’s example.

1. 1:3-5 Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving for Timothy’s faith.

2. 1:6-18 Do Not be Ashamed: A series of exhortations with the common expression, “do not be ashamed”. Shame was a serious concern in the ancient world. The author draws a distinction between shame and suffering. Verses 9-10 are a liturgical fragment. Verses 12 and 18, “that day” refers to the second coming of Christ.

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