I. Romans 1:1-4:25 The Faithfulness of God

A: 1:1-17 Opening Statement of Theme:God’s Gospel and God’s Righteousness

1:1-7 God’s Gospel and Paul’s Ministry

1:8-15 Paul’s Desire to Come to Rome

1:16-17 The Gospel Unveils God’s Righteousness

B. 1:18-3:20 The Challenge for God’s Righteousness: Gentiles and Jews Alike Under God’s Wrath, Guilty of Idolatry and Wickedness

1:18-32 Idolatry and Dehumanized Behavior Resulting in God’s Wrath

2:1-16 God’s Impartial Judgment Leaves No Room for Moral Superiority

2:17-29 The Direct Challenge to “the Jew”

3:1-8 Israel’s Faithlessness and God’s Faithfulness

3:9-20 Torah Puts Jews in the Dock Alongside Gentiles

C. 3:21-4:25 God’s Faithfulness to the Covenant

3:21-26 God’s Righteousness Revealed Through the Faithfulness of Jesus

3:27-31 One God, One Faith, One People

4:1-25 The Covenant Family of Abraham

4:1-8 Believing the Promise

4:9-15 Not by Circumcision, Not by Torah

4:16-17 The Whole Family, According to the Promise

4:18-22 The God Who Gives Life to the Dead

4:23-25 The Meaning of Christian Faith

II. Romans 5:1-8:39 God’s People in Christ as the True Humanity

A. 5:1-11 From Faith to Hope

5:1-5 Peace, Patience, and Hope

5:6-11 The Death of the Messiah and the Love of God

B. 5:12-21 From Adam to the Messiah

C. 6:1-23 Baptism and Freedom

6:1-11 Dying and Rising with the Messiah

6:12-14 The End of Sin’s Reign

6:15-23 Slavery and Freedom

D. 7:1-8:11 The Life the Law Could Not Give

7:1-6 Coming Out from Under the Law

7:7-12 The Arrival of the Law:Sin Seizes Its Chance

7:13-20 Living Under the Law: Sin Works Death

7:21-25 Reflecting on the Law: God’s Law and Sin’s Law

8:1-11 God Gives Life Through the Son and the Spirit

E.8:12-30 The Inheritance Guaranteed

8:12-17 Led by the Spirit

8:18-30 The Renewal of All Things

III. Romans 9:1-11:36 God’s Promises and God’s Faithfulness

 A. 9:1-5 Paul’s Grief Over Israel’s Failure to Believe, Despite Being Promise Bearer

B. 9:6-29 The Story of Israel, from Abraham to the Exile, Displays God’s Justice in Judgment and Mercy

C. 9:30-10:21 God’s Covenant Faithfulness Revealed in the Messiah

9:30-33 Faith, Works, and the Stumbling Stone

10:1-21 God’s Righteousness and the Worldwide Mission

D. 11:1-36 The Salvation of “All Israel” in Fulfillment of God’s Unbreakable Promises

11:1-10 God Has Not Rejected Israel

11:11-32 “All Israel” Will Be Saved

11:33-36 Praise to the All-Wise God

IV. Romans 12:1-16:27 God’s Call to Worship, Holiness, and Unity

A. 12:1-2 The Worship of Body and Mind

B.12:3-13 Unity, Love, and Community Living

C.12:14-13:7 The Church Facing the Outside World

12:14-21 Christian Living Amid (possibly hostile) Outsiders

13:1-7 God’s Call to Obedience to the Authorities

D.13:8-10 Love Fulfilling the Law

E. 13:11-14 Living by the Rising Sun

F. 14:1-15:13 God’s Call to Unity of Life and Worship Across Barriers of Custom and Ethnic Identity

14:1-12 Judging and Being Judged

14:13-23 Conscience and the Kingdom of God

15:1-13 Mutual Welcome, Based on the Messiah

G.15:14-33 Paul’s Apostolic Travel Plans

H. 16:1-16 Commendation and Greetings

I. 16:17-20 Watch Out for Divisions

J. 16:21-24 Greetings from Paul’s Colleagues

K. 16:25-27 Concluding Doxology

This outline is from “The Letter to the Romans” by N.T. Wright found in The New Interpreter’s Bible, Vol X. Leander E. Keck, ed. (Nashville:Abingdon Press) 2002, pages 410-412.

The Introduction to Romans may be found here.