The Spiritual Life and Learning Ministry of Westminster Presbyterian Church welcomes you to “Westminster Reads”. This website is for anyone who is interested in reading the Bible.

We have a reading schedule which offers “doable” amounts of reading for each week. We have divided our reading of the Bible into sections,  “New Testament”, “Torah”, “Historical Books”. “Prophets” and “Poetical Books or Writings”. Using our schedule you will read the entire Bible over 5 years.

Find the reading schedule for the portion of the Bible you wish to read. For example “New Testament”. To find general articles about the New Testament, type New Testament in the search box. Then you will find articles on the New Testament. To find articles about the particular book, type the name of the book in the search box. Because these articles were initially blog posts, the search results are presented from end to beginning. Scroll up until you reach the chapters you are reading. Most books of the Bible also have a separate introduction and outline and then a series of blog posts covering 4-5 chapters. Smaller books may have the introduction and outline and comments in one post.

We offer suggestions on this site under the tab “Resources” which you may find helpful. Here you will find a selection of prayers to use before reading, suggestions about choosing a Bible, Bible dictionary, or commentary; as well as a series of “helpful hints” for reading the various sections of the Bible. 

We encourage your comments on the blog page or on our Facebook page.

We are glad you are reading along with us!